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Cute Infocomm Solutions provides niche solutions and easy to use tools to manage the entire office operations and improve productivity.

  • The fleet management and cuteOffice ERP is suitable for all clients while cuteQM is for fabrication industry customers.
  • Cute Infocomm provides speialised custom built soultions to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Cute Infocomm currently provides application development services to many government organisations too.

Cute Infocomm has tremendous amount of domain expertise and built the solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore, Cute Infocomm helps the clients in transforming their digital journey using state of the art latest technologies. We always learn and continuously improve to improve our services to customers. We show the different dimension of clients data to them.

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Customer centric approach

Application life cycle is not just development. It includes management and maintenance. Cute Infocomm covers all stages of the application lifecycle with modernization.

The after sales service is critical for most of the IT systems. We get repeat customers due to the best in service we provide.



The below are some of our trade marked products to the industry.


Modern fleet management solution and can be used by any one to manage 1 or 1000 vehicles with ease.


ERP solution for all with HRM, Procurement, Sales and Finance modules.


Starting from ITP, drawings, Material inspection, fitup, visual, NDT and stage inspections are all handled Here.


Defects and reports management system for all facilities. Integrates closely with the term contractors with Apps.


Warehouse management system with proper stock tracking and billing features.


Helps customers build an e-commerce business model for groceries store like


Helps to automate various activities with simple devices and i/o data capturing

Business Card Manager

Collect and effectiviely use your business cards for your company.


Here are some government grants available for our solution..


cuteTrac is an advanced vehicle tracking solution that helps to manage your fleet operations in an efficient manner. It increases the productivity and results in tremendous cost savings.

Please see the details below. If you have any vehicles to track and use them efficiently , please let us know.

We have package for 1 vehicle to few thousand vehicles. cuteTrac

cuteOffice ERP provides easy to use tools to manage the entire office operations and improve productivity.

Please see the details below. Please let us know for Demo and discussions.

We have a package with up to 25 users, 50 users, 100 users, 150 users and more... .


Automation Solutions

Here are some example automation with our solutions..


cuteTrac is an advanced vehicle tracking solution that helps to manage your fleet operations in an efficient manner. It increases the productivity and results in tremendous cost savings. It uses various technologies such as gps, gsm etc to collect and process the data.

CCTV and Door Access systems. We provide easy to use tools to manage the entire operations smoothly.

Intrusion Detection Systems and Barrier Management systems.

Integrtions with facility management systems. SMS reading / sending etc.

Integrations with weigh-bridges, vehicle IU.

Camera based number plate reading systems.

RFID based tracking of items.

Conveyor Belts.

Call for appointment

Call us to book an appointment with our consultant to understand the package details more. We can also advise on the government grant SMEGoDigital related details.

Material for reference

Here are some educational videos available on different modules along with brochures.

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Cute Infocomm

Cute Infocomm Brochure

Cute Infocomm Brochure


cuteTrac Brochure

cuteTrac Brochure


cuteOffice Brochure

cuteOffice Brochure


cuteOffice Scaffolding Brochure

cuteOffice Scaffolding Brochure

cuteQM Piping

Piping Brochure

Piping Brochure

cuteQM Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel Brochure

Pressure Vessel Brochure

cuteQM MDR

MDR Brochure

MDR Brochure


cuteWMS Brochure

cuteWMS Brochure


cuteFM Brochure

cuteFM Brochure


cuteBCM Brochure

cuteBCM Brochure

cuteOffice HRM

HRM Systems

Comprehensive HR Management

cuteOffice Procurement

Procurement Systems

Comprehensive Procurement Management

cuteQM Spool Tracking

Piping Spool Tracking

Simple pipe spool tracking using barcode / QR Code instead of RFID


General - How cuteQM is designed?

cuteQM details in general

cuteQM Piping RFI Fitup

Piping - RFI Fitup

RFI Fitup

cuteQM Piping RFI Visual

Piping - RFI visual

RFI visual

cuteQM Piping AFI Fitup

Piping - AFI Visual

AFI visual

cuteQM Piping AFI Visual

Piping - AFI Fitup

AFI Fitup

iOS App

How to install App in IOS

iOS installation procedure

Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels and heat exchangers introduction

iPAD Application

cuteOffice App

cuteOffice App in iPAD

Frequently Asked Questions

The common questions asked by many of the clients are here.


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